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Niche: Survival

Monetization: Dropshipping, eCommerce, Affiliate, Subscription, Adsense, Advertising, Amazon Associates

  • Monthly Revenue: $21,331
  • Monthly Net Profit: $3,594
  • List Price: $107,818
  • Multiple: 30x


This listing is for an affiliate and ecommerce business created in January 2017 in the survival niche. The WordPress site is monetized using Clickbank products (80%), and a variety of other monetizations. With a large email list of 35k+ and a large social media following of 110k+, this business has many potential opportunities for growth. It has also been set up by the Seller to require minimal work, using a VA for a variety of tasks.

The business also makes money from it’s Shopify store (10%) using ecommerce, via a third party logistics warehouse in the US, and dropshipping via suppliers in China and the US.  The remainder of the monetizations are a variety of advertising, Adsense, funnels, Amazon associates, subscriptions, eBay, and other affiliates. Traffic is primarily driven organically through Facebook, as well as through Facebook Ads, and Instagram.

The Seller works about 6 hours a week, giving the VA tasks, adding a few emails to the automation, and writing 1-2 articles. All content on the site has been created by the Seller, yet this could be outsourced. The VA is responsible for fulfilling orders, responding to customer emails, and posting on social media. The VA is aware of the sale and will continue on with the new owner.

Regarding email, there is a list of 37,000 subscribers that is scrubbed monthly and non-active subscribers are removed. The business sends out weekly newsletters as well as an automation that sends more articles and content related to the niche as well as some affiliate offers. The Seller sees potential in monetizing the email list with better segmentation including upsells, cross-sells, and affiliate offers.


Start Date

1st of January, 2017


Assets Included in the Sale

Included in the sale of this business are:

  • Primary domain and all site content /files
  • Email list of 35k+
  • Facebook 80k+ followers
  • Facebook VIP Group with almost 5k followers
  • Facebook Pixel with data
  • 2 Instagram accounts (26k+, 4k+)
  • YouTube Channel
  • Shopify account
  • Ebay account (12 years old)
  • All advertising information and data
  • Supplier contacts
  • All funnels associated with this business (roughly 15)

* You must currently have an approved Adsense account before purchasing this business to assure a successful migration of the business. For more information on setting up an Adsense account, please click here.



Work/Skills Required/Day to Day

The Seller currently spends around 5-7 hours per week:

  • Giving the VA tasks
  • Adding a few emails to the automation
  • Writing 1-2 articles

Graph Summary:

Ave pageviews/month


Net Profit/month


Gross Revenue/month



Proof of Income

  • June: $1,031
  • May: $1,061
  • April $1,800

Proof of Traffic

  • June: 3,747 views
  • May: 30,746 views
  • April: 9,549 views

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Opportunities and Risks

Opportunities for this business include:

  • Monetizing the email list with better segmentation including upsells, cross-sells, and affiliate offers. Also, work on delivery rate as the Seller has not done anything to improve it.
  • Posting products from the Shopify store to the Facebook page to get organic sales
  • Posting on Instagram and work with influencers who are reaching out to work with the business
  • Monetizing the VIP group which has not been touched. These survivalists voluntarily joined the group and would be contacts to consider selling to.
  • Do a better job of monetizing the funnels to VIP subscribers

Seller Suport Includes:

The Seller is willing to provide 30 days of Skype and email support to ensure a smooth transition.


Reason for Sale

The Seller can no longer keep up with it, and wants to pass it to someone who can maintain and grow it.


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How to Purchase

We are accepting Bank Wire for this purchase. As soon as the refundable deposit is made, we will send you the relevant information to complete the payment.

After the refundable deposit is made we will send you the URL and additional traffic and earnings proof. During your due diligence process, you will have access to the Seller to ask questions.

Please note that someone else may purchase while you are still evaluating the business. The business is considered sold when the money from an accepted offer has been wired into Empire Flippers for purchase.

After the site is migrated and the Buyer has confirmed ownership, traffic, and earnings, the funds will be released to the Seller. All sales are final and there are no refunds. Earnings and traffic may decline due to Google updates, increased competition, mismanagement by the Buyer, and other factors. Empire Flippers makes no guarantees written or implied of the future performance of the site.

Listing Highlights

Average Monthly Revenue: $21,331

Average Monthly Expenses: $17,737

Average Monthly Net Profit: $3,594

* We are using the last 12 months to determine the averages.

Work Required Per Week: 6 Hours

SITE A TLD: .com

Stats Last Updated: 20th of September, 2018

Monetization Methods: Dropshipping, eCommerce, Affiliate, Subscription, Adsense, Advertising, Amazon Associates

Trademark: No

Site Created: 1st of January, 2017

Platform: WordPress

MOZ Domain Authority: 11

Alexa Rank: 5,118,291

Inbound Links: 3

Listing ID: 44693

Listing Price Multiple: 30

How to Purchase: Bank Wire

Buyer Profiles: Lifestyle Larry, Portfolio Paul, Strategic Sally

Investor Option: No

Financing: No

No Private Blog Network (PBN) is in use on sites in this listing.

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