Splitting Webpacker Alphabetically

A very, very odd way of splitting up your vendor libraries that worked for me.

Splitting Webpacker Alphabetically

FATAL ERROR: Ineffective mark-compacts near heap limit Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory

Late on a Friday night, I was running into the above error whilst deploying my app to Heroku.

I knew that the reason I was seeing this was that our final bundle was way too large. Sure, I could use webpack-bundle-analyzer plugin to see what my worst offending libraries were to remove them, but I was going on a train trip so didn't have time.

I needed to quickly deploy a bug fix and head out.

The route I took to quickly bypass the issue was to chunk libraries alphabetically. This took one big file and split it into (MAX) 26 smaller files that loaded very quickly over HTTP/2.

i.e react and react-dom would be in r.js and motion would be in m.js.

I placed the following in my environment.js file to make it work:

const { environment } = require('@rails/webpacker');
environment.config.optimization = {
  runtimeChunk: 'single',
  splitChunks: {
    chunks: 'all',
    maxInitialRequests: Infinity,
    minSize: 0,
    cacheGroups: {
      vendor: {
        test: /[\\/]node_modules[\\/]/,
        name(module) {
          // get the name. E.g. node_modules/packageName/not/this/part.js
          // or node_modules/packageName
          const packageName = module.context.match(

          // npm package names are URL-safe, but some servers don't like @ symbols
          // additionally, we group alphabetically to ensure we don't have too many chunks which stops Amazon request issues
          return `npm.${packageName.replace('@', '')[0]}`;

module.exports = environment;

I haven't come back to optimise this yet, but I'm sure I can make it much better in the future.

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